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The Winning Kit
Problem: Electronics don't really work for me.

A number of people have asked about the kit I use, so I figure it is worth a page in my contraptions list.

The Gadgets Are.
1. The Microsoft Surface Pro 3
Fast transition from between desktop, laptop and tablet metaphors gives a high degree of versatility for viewing, creating, or marking up document content.

2. COSTCO  Drops & Spills
Best deal we the least questions.

3. The BETOP active stylus: $34.99 - included in the purchase of the machine
 By the time I'm buying a new pen, it is not a one-time experience. The eraser doesn't work like the Microsoft original stylus. I can live with without an eraser for a $60 savings every time I make the mistake of misplacing my pen.
4. The URBAN ARMOR GEAR case for Surface Pro 3: $54.14
Let's me forget about the safety of my device. Meets military drop-test standards (MIL STD 810G 516.6) when used with Surface 3 Type Cover keyboard
5. The Surface 3 Type cover. $92.39 - or included in the Surface purchase
Protects the screen and lets the system feel just like a laptop when appropriate.

​​ 6. Logitech Wireless Keyboard: $24.98
Let's me operate the computer without a desk. This includes hanging the Surface on the back of the airplane seat on a long flight, or having my computer across the room while we watch a movie. The key feature that lets this work is the left click button opposite the track-pad. The button lets me effectively point with my thumb, click with my other thumb and hold the keyboard without a

​​ ​​7. Microsoft Docking Station: $142.55. 
Allows me to turn my surface into a desk-top feel in less than 1.5 seconds. The multi-port dock allows for the use of an extra monitor, a desk-comfortable keyboard and mouse, and other peripherals that stay in the office where they are like to live. The big deal is that it uses the magnetic power port, so there is little risk of damaging the video-port during docking and un-docking.​
8. Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter: $46.96
 When used with a living-room projector the adapter adds a degree of slickness to the low profile home entertainment experience. It also side steps the risk of breaking the Surface HDMI mini connector.

9. Electronics Organizer by JOTO: $14:99
I need to bring a little bit of order to the go-bag. The idea is a simple card with elastic bands to hold down you cables and other stuff. The contraption completely avoids the fishing-trip experience of unorganized cables that fill a dark-bottom bag. 

​​ 10. Loctek Dual Monitor Arm: $229.99
Pricy, but leaves my desk completely clear of clutter. Cleaning the desk really means a clean desk ...if it ever happens.
Female-to-Female HDMI adapter: $5.59
Let my wireless adapter plug into the HDMI cable in any conference room projector
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