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ODU SubSEM-1 payload of MCAFT-1 mission

ODU SubSEM-1 was a the first s sounding rocket experiment developed and launched by Old Dominion University (ODU) in Partnership with Salisbury University. The payload was a component of the Multi Component Army Flight Test mission sponsored by Innovative Business Solutions inc based out of ClearWater Florida. The ODU SubSE-1 experiment was lead by a biology team from the biology department at Sailsbury. The instrument and payload was developed by an ODU senior desing engineering team. The miossion concpet was finalized in January 2005 and the launched from WFF on the 5th of May the same year. 

Holding payload post-flight

MCAFT-1 mission patch

News paper report of the launch

MCAFT-1 payload integration

Mission stickers on MK12 Improved-Orion rocket

Model of payload design

Experiment unit

MCAFT-1 rocket mounted to launch rail at NASA Wallops Flight Facility

Moment of Inertiat testing of the integrated payload

Entire MCAFT-1 team from IBSi, ODU and Sailsbury University

Single shot with the rocket

Control room in preparation for launch

Team in control room


Payload Recovery Team

SubSEM-1 team with cancer cells returned from space

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