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"this looks like a Disney ride!" ~ Hannah Godwin a.k.a. Mom (photo credit: Hannah Godwin)
Spaceship Gimbal
 A Trunk-or-Treat Photo-Booth on a Quest for Candy Portal

I'm Idealet and these are my associates Plinget, Captain Shepard and Floop who are all inspired by the Genius Mastermind, my wife Shani Miller. Our team travels the Galaxy in our spaceship Gimbal seeking to discover the candy portal. On this journey, we expect to meet many species of children that have gathered for an epic Trunk-or-Treat experience.

In order to carry out its epic quest, the Spaceship Gimbal supports Trunk-or-Treat crew and guests with a wide variety of amenities. The spaceship’s alien scanner allows adventurers to detect and identify dangerous aliens that approach from the treacherous planet, Frak, and its deadly moon. The primary ‘bug-a-salt’ gun and backup pistol allow crew and guests to defend themselves from all attackers in and outside the ship. When in flight, the map-scanner surveys and detects candy portals across the universe. The acoustic steering drum-set and silver warp-button provide preprogramed rhythm auto pilot and a swirling light display to indicate when the glowing warp engine engages.
With the glowing warp-engine pulling Gimbal across the universe to the candy portal, we invite you to sit, back, relax and grab a snack from the ship’s kitchen. Perhaps a planet smoothie, a ball of starry toast and or a bite of alien eggs will meet your need for munching as you join us on our epic quest. I hope you enjoy your trip to the candy portal. Thank so much for flying with us. Be careful to avoid the warp drive on your way to your next Trunk or Treat experience.
Constructed with one trip to GoodWill, one trip to Amazon, and three late evenings working with Andy Paddock, Ambur Dubill, Christoph Frauzem and David Milewicz.

Completed: 28 October 2017
Took 1st place at TheCityLifeChurch Trunk-or-Treat competition
On Mission
Beam of light on planet
Experiencing the glow of warp drive
The spaceship Gimbal (naming credit Andy Paddock)
Scanning for candy portal
Attacking the deadly planet
Drive on...
​...till dawn
Ready woth Bug-A-Salt gun in view of Candy Portal Scanner (Josh Sajan)
Planet Frak and it's deadly moon ( a model of Phobos).
Science Officer Dog
Building Gimbal
Plinkget and Captian Sheaphred converting a white board with a sketch of africa into a space craft visor.(Andy Paddock and Amber Dubill)
Captain Sheahpard preparing the visor (Ambur Dubill)
Floop in his native environment converting a printer into the Alien Scanner 
(Christoph Frauzem)
Sitting between an inflatable raft and Planet Frak preparing the breaker control panel
(David Milewicz)
1st white board sketch
That there could be acontrol and a Science Officer Dog
...for $3 a piece at GoodWill
the walls between art and engineering exist only in our minds