art & engineering
Picture Hanging System
Hang a picture in 30 seconds or less
...without breaking the bank
We like art... and our house has 70+ year old plaster walls.

This means I can't "just hang a picture." To avoid making new nail holes every time the display gets an update, I needed a picture hanging system. Oh, and I want it for the whole house without breaking the bank!

In addition to a pair of bolt cutters, a pair of pliers, two wrenches to straighten the weldless chain links, a knife, a miter saw, a coping saw, a tape-measure, a hammer, a paint brush a lighter, and a cardboard box to space the picture-molding off the sealing... I needed:

~$12/10': Picture-molding (see you're a local lumber mill) 
~$12: Stain/paint of your choosing
~$5: Finish nails
$8.97/1000': White Nylon Mason Line
$0.50/ft: large weldless steel chain - hangers
$7.48/15': small weldless steel chain - picture hooks

Total: ~$250 for a 1000 square foot house
Hanging from picture-molding
Wall-art location is adjustable by positioning picture hooks
Chain links and mason line are cut and bent 
Space  even distance from sealing
Cut large  chain links
Bend links strait to hang from picture-molding
Picture hook is simple to attach
Melt ends of the string
Tie string to molding hanger with a Clinch Knot
To add mood get strip LEDs and hide them behind the picture-molding
Perfect for a modern or sci-fi effect
the walls between art and engineering exist only in our minds