art & engineering
Let Your Light Shine
A sculpture to capture a journey
Let Your Light Shine was inspired by the contrast between the source of light and the vessel that allows the light to shine. While Let Your Light Shine is a sculpture, it could be considered a lamp if one focuses on the light that shines out of it. As an illuminated sculpture, it depicts the journey of life. Elements of the sculpture capture aspects of a journey. The posture of the figures climbing illustrates the stages of that journey. Solid, bendable wire and fragile, ridged glass capture the paradox of life. The sculpture is made of clear glass to capture the transparency required to Let Your Light Shine from an intricate, complex, and fragile vessel.  
Completed March 2016
Shown at an art exhibit with the Virginia Glass Guild
Let Your Light Shine installed in the space and complimenting the resident spiral stair-case
Starting the journey
Cheering on those who come behind
Reaping the rewards
Design used to construct the sculpture
Old Ppoint Comfort Lighthouse that inspired the shape
Welded support structure
Found objects
Handrails and glass wall hangers
Glass elements including: steps, top step, two of twelve sides, and the top deck
Wire figures
All the parts required to assemble Let Your Light Shine
the walls between art and engineering exist only in our minds