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Hot Suit
The Hot Suit  is an in-cockpit installation of a personal heating device. The objective of the exercise/experiment was to to mitigate need for a convertable top in cold weather. From a thermal delivery standpoint the experiment was an amazing success. The distraction posed to normal vehicle operation ultimately resulted in removal of the device.
Heater jacket interfaces to Miata's engine cooling loop
Installed in a 1992 Miata
Cabin hook-ups to link driver jacket to engine heater-loop
Jacket,  manifold and heater-loop hook-up
Full loop plumbing kit with engine hookups (left) and jacket manifolds and heater loops (right)
Jacket interfaces with engine water loops using quick disconnect plumbing fittings. A pressure gauge and a ball valve are on the engine side (left) that couple to a manifold on the jacket side (rgiht)
Heater lines running through the fire-wall
T-plumbing on the lines to the heater core
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