art & engineering
Clear Sailing
Exploring glass slumping and digital geometry
Clear Sailing captures the dynamic character of a sailing boat. The sculpture is an experiment in using digitally generated geometry to develop precisions slumped glass art. This piece builds on techniques developed to create the  wind-capturing sails of  Boat  by adding a glass hull.

Clear Sailing is build using a 3D printed file availible on Thingiverse and a silicon casting recipe found on Instructables , the folowing ingredients were used to cast the silicon mold.

  1. 100% Silicone caulking (2 parts)
  2. Liquid Glycerine (1x 7.5ml  glycerin container per 4x 10.1 OZ caulk tubes)
  3. Cornstarch (1-2 parts)
  4. Mineral Spirits (1 part)
  5. Mold Release (Optional, but highly recommended)
  6. Acrylic paint (optional, for aesthetics only)

Once the silicone mold was complete, the slump mold was made of Plaster of Paris.

Completed May 6th, 2017
Generate and print digitital geometry
Set the object in a form
mix, pour and re-inforce the silicone casting 
Extract the form from the newly set mold
Cast the plaster hull in the mold
Extract plaster hull and get ready for slumping
Set plate glass over plaster hull
Ramp to 1430 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes hold.
Remove plaster hull from glass glass hull with extra glass
Cut and polish glass hull
Fit wire to glass hull
Prep base for slumping using clay pot
Mount boat to base
Ramp to 1430 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes hold.
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