art & engineering
Cheap Tall Sign
Problem: Display medium size displays in clear view over the heads of a crowd
Key requirements:
- look classy
- minimal cost
- trivial to assemble & transnsport
- minimum tools required to assemble
Solution: Bent Conduit on an plywood base witha  curtain rod
- 3x printed canvas signs
- 3/4in plywood base
- Black automotive spray paint
- heavy gauge galvanized utility wire
- large wood screws for base
- 2in long #10 machine screw, lock-nut and washer  
- aluminum spacer (diagnol cut)
Total < $200
Assembly requires a philips head screw driver required.
Note: bend conduit before leaving the store.

First constructed in October 2015
Parts disassembled for transport
Assembled structure
Two screw post assembly
Drop-in and tighten base desing.
One screw  to mount top-coupler. Screw hole and notch prevent the curtain rod from rotating.
Canvas frame hooks made of bent heavy gauge galvanized wire
Through bolt
Angle on the woodscrew engages the notch in the top end of the sign-post conduit
the walls between art and engineering exist only in our minds