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PSI or Ψ (Platform Science Instruments)

The Platform for Science Instruments (PSI), or simply the Greek letter Ψ, was developed as a test-bed on which science instruments could advance their technology readienss through field demonstrations. The system architecture was developed in 2007 with the order of priority given to the operationg algorithm first, then to remote presense sensor-suit, then to portable and robust mobility in unstructured terain. The resulting platform was a plain-tire all-wheel-drive, all-wheel-steer omnidirectional rover controlled by a geometric pattern based controller and mounted with a range of sensors that give a remote operator situational awareness. PSI was field tested as an operational system in 2009 and turned over to a science team for integration with laser based science instrument. The system has since supported a number of filed tests.

  Original sketches of the PSI concept

  Drawing of completed design

  Rolling chassis fitted with full suite of sensors

  Adjusting sensor during field testing

Omni-directional lens for panoramic camera

 Laser range finder in operation

  PSI moving down a 35° slope of lose dirt 

  Laser-based science instrument integrated onto PSI

PSI with mounted science instrument 

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